OT Table

AMTAI is the only US surgical table manufacturer with its assembling base located in the US. The management team of AMTAI has been in the field of surgical equipment for over 25 years. With a wealth of experience in design, manufacturing and after-sales service, the founders of AMTAI launched their own brand in 2009 as they made a change from their original pure OEM business model. Later, the sales strategy was shifted from an emphasis on the domestic market in United States and enlarged to include the global market. AMTAI offers high-quality products and makes them affordable to the world. AMTAI's innovative products are designed to be compatible with many modern imaging and endoscopic procedures. This goal has been achieved with the launch of the T1000 and T800 Series electro-hydraulic surgical tables that have struck a balance between advanced technology and cost effectiveness, while at the same time being versatile, safe, reliable and durable.